Discover Australia & The World


Whether your interest lies in visiting the the spectacles of Uluru, or learning local crafts in the Andes a world of travel experiences await you at My Travel Festival. Thanks to the incredible partnerships in place with My Travel Expert you can come down to My Travel Festival and encounter the world.

There are exhibitors that can take you cruising along the mightiest rivers of the world – from the Mississippi to the Murray. Others can help you sail the seas, from Australian Coastal Cruises to Antarctic Expeditions. We even have operators that will let you hire a boat and do the sailing yourself from Canal Cruises in the UK to Gulet Hire in Turkey.

For those that want to get out a bit further than cruises can provide we have a range of operators that will have you dreaming of Guided Holidays across the worlds continents – whether its exploring the Kimberley’s or the Rocky Mountains, and with styles to suit any budget whether your interest is in Machu Picchu or the Eiffel Tower. Or if guided holidays are not what you are after we have plenty for the individual traveller to encounter from self guided and self drive tours, to independent packages across the globe.

Whether you are a traveller seeking to see the world, or just relax for a week at a resort or by the pool, we have a range of Exhibitors here that will entice you. There are options available for young travellers all the way through to our gray nomads, with a world of travel, and an almost limitless way to experience it, My Travel Festival is your doorway to Australia, and the World!