Finding a balance in all things can be a little difficult, but Peregrine Adventures, seems to hit just the right note for many, and if you like company, but like free time, like a little bit of comfort but don’t want to pay a fortune – then you will be thrilled to hear that Peregrine Adventures will be Exhibiting at My Travel Festival and you can get a chance to scope out the range of product and options they have on offer.

Peregrine Adventures offers a wide range of tours across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and North America. Their tours are all small group and generally travel with 12 to 16 passengers. It’s not all “on the go” though – Peregrine Adventures have a very good balance of included touring and free time to explore on your own. What is more is that while their accommodation may not be over the top luxury, they do use good quality 4 star properties that allow for some great experiences and a reasonable amount of comfort whilst travelling.


Are you a Solo Traveller? Then you are in luck! Whilst Peregrine Adventures do have a fairly good solo supplement should you want a room to yourself, if you want to save some money though they do have an option to share with a stranger – saving you the cost of the single supplement, and if they don’t find you a room-mate then you are in luck as they won’t then charge a single supplement! Please be aware though that there are some tours that are the exception to this rule.

Enjoy Cruising and Touring? If so then you will love Peregrine’s Small Ship Adventures – where you can join some of their own and some chartered smallship cruises around places like Cuba, Spain, Seychelles, Vietnam and Iceland to name a few, as well as their extensive range of Antarctica Cruise Options for those looking to visit the frozen Southern Continent.


So if you’ve been considering a cross continent trip in Africa, time out amongst the temples in India, relaxing on an Adriatic Cruise, Trekking the Inka Trail or discovering nearly any corner of our globe and wanting to do so in comfort – then I suggest that you get down to My Travel Festival on the 11th August and speak with Peregrine Adventures!

If you have been considering attending My Travel Festival then don’t hesitate, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE, we will get an entry ticket straight out to you and a reminder the day before the event happens so you don’t forget it is occurring!

If you have any questions or queries about PeregrineMy Travel Festival or any of the Exhibitors please call us on (02) 4421 5577

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