Viva Holidays

It is not always a matter of wanting to get away and simply relax at a resort for a week, or get away and join a three week non-stop tour. Sometimes, what we seek is a little of each. We may be after a mix of locations, we might want a day tour or two .. or twenty, sometimes what we really want is the option to choose what we pre-plan and what we wing when we get there, and nobody helps in providing options for building that kind of trip like Viva Holidays and we are happy to announce that you will be able to catch up with them at My Travel Festival.


Kick Back and Relax … Sometimes it is all you want, and all you need. A flight to a tropical location, a great hotel where you can unpack and miles of unspoiled beaches and plenty of places to pick up a refreshing cocktail. With deals and packages appearing every day for places as far spread as Phuket, Bali, Fiji, Mexico, Maldives, Mallorca and Cairns, Viva Holidays are one of the best companies to take a look at for the traditional “flop and drop” package where you can just get away from it all!


Stay and Play .. sometimes though you simply want to “do it all”, hit up a city like New York, Paris, London, Singapore, Dubai or Sydney and simply take in everything that is possible from one location that you can in however long you want to stay a few nights, a week, two weeks or more. It may mean booking in a Broadway show, organizing breakfast with orangutans, or high tea at a traditional English manor house. Viva Holidays offers incredible city stays that allow us to build in as much or as little sightseeing as we desire, in a range of accommodation styles.

If that wasn’t enough they also help us tie multiple cities together if you want to do a self drive or rail package, and often have short tours to places that are harder to reach – like 1 or 2 night 4WD tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Whether its sailing the Whitsundays or proposing at the Eiffel Tower, there are packages and options available that suit nearly any kind of traveller.


So if you want to get away, and you want the holiday structured the way you want it – then we suggest you come on down to My Travel Festival and see what Viva Holidays has in their amazing spread of offers and destinations.

If you have been considering attending My Travel Festival then don’t hesitate, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE, we will get an entry ticket straight out to you and a reminder the day before the event happens so you don’t forget it is occurring!

If you have any questions or queries about Viva HolidaysMy Travel Festival or any of the Exhibitors please call us on (02) 4421 5577

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