Insider Journeys

While a lot of us have an idea of what there is to experience in place like Europe and the Americas thanks to the influence of what we learn at school, or catch in popular media – just a short flight from Australia lies a region which while we have a lot of preconceived ideas about, is unique, incredibly stunning, and as culturally, historically and architecturally diverse as any other region you can imagine. Yes, I am talking about Asia, and nobody can help you see it quite like Insider Journeys who we are excited to have join us at My Travel Festival.

When most people think of travel to Asia words like Phuket and Bali spring to mind, and whilst these are great resort destinations – are hardly a glimpse of what Asia truly has to offer, and with tailor made itineraries and small group departures Insider Journeys is able to show you the best of destinations like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan.


Having been in operation since the early 90’s, Insider Journeys has plenty of experience in the region and offers two truly great travel styles for this region ..

Small Group Touring, is the main standard for their set departure dates, under twenty travellers, good quality four star accommodation (where possible) , the sights that are expected to be seen, as well as the sights that should be seen, in a running order custom tailored to get the best out of the journey.

The alternative travel style that they offer are Tailor Made Tours, where they can put simple or complex packages together from 1 to 30 or more travellers. For those with restricted dates and times, special needs or desires or just prefer to avoid groups, this is the perfect option .. and while not as cheap as joining a Small Group Tour, the difference is minimal enough in most cases to make it a premier option for those that do like things their own way.


So if you have been considering a trip t the Hills of Sapa, the Red Fort in Agra, the Temples of Bagan or more – then Insider Journeys is the operator to consider especially if you prefer small groups or tailored travel, so why not come down and see them at My Travel Festival!

If you have been considering attending My Travel Festival then don’t hesitate, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE, we will get an entry ticket straight out to you and a reminder the day before the event happens so you don’t forget it is occurring!

If you have any questions or queries about Insider JourneysMy Travel Festival or any of the Exhibitors please call us on (02) 4421 5577

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