Because Sometimes, Things Don’t Go As Planned!


Isn’t that just the truth! Sometimes, Things do not go as planned, and when they don’t go as planned, that is when you need assistance the most. When you are at home you rely on house and car insurance, know who to call and speak to in case of a fire or a theft and have a good idea of what to do when something goes wrong. When your travelling though , the difficulties can quickly escalate with differing customs and expectations in different areas around the globe, let alone different languages and spiraling costs to you if things go wrong.

While we are fond of the saying “without a travel agent, you are on your own“, the truth is that our assistance can only go so far in helping a client, and sometimes more assistance is needed then your agent can provide – you may need a medical airlift to the nearest hospital, a passport re-issued, funds for clothing after your bags were lost. It is for reasons like these that Travel Insurance is a must have for anyone when travelling, and why we are please to announce that Covermore Travel Insurance will be attending My Travel Festival!

The Australian Government is fond of reminding us that “if you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to travel“, and it is a sad truth that most people don’t accept, but when a fall aboard a cruise ship, an accident while skiing or picking up a disease while touring the costs can range into the tens and hundreds of thousands, most of us don’t have those reserves at hand, and most of us don’t want to think about having to put up the family home to cover such expenses.


Covermore Travel Insurance, provides a range of basic and comprehensive policies with options for varying levels of excess, coverage and allowances for pre-exisiting conditions, and for a price can ensure you are covered in case of mishaps during your travels including everything from Medical and Dental to Lost Bags, Delayed Flights, Stolen Items and more.

Most of us insure our homes, our cars, our business, partners, and many other items – and it is imperative that you insure yourself against the unforseen when travelling.  It may seem at times that Travel Insurance is simply an extra expense – and on many trips, nothing will go wrong. It’s that one trip or one journey where things do, where making sure that you have yourself insured allows you to breathe easily in knowing everything will be OK  – especially when you have a comprehensive policy like many offered by Covermore.

So if you have been considering Travel remember the importance of Travel Insurance, and always seek assistance from your Agent in finding out what you can about what needs to be covered, comparing policies and ensuring that you are ready for whatever may happen on your voyage.

If you have been considering attending My Travel Festival then don’t hesitate, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE, we will get an entry ticket straight out to you and a reminder the day before the event happens so you don’t forget it is occurring!

If you have any questions or queries about CovermoreMy Travel Festival or any of the Exhibitors please call us on (02) 4421 5577

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