Exhibitor Exposé : Scenic


Scenic, who specialize in Luxury Cruises and Tours have for many years been a stable presence at My Travel Expert’s Travel Expo’s and we are happy to announce that they will be there with us at the inaugural My Travel Festival in August 2019!

Scenic have a wide range of product spanning the globe, including tours and cruises in Europe (including France, Russia and Portugal to name a few),Africa, Canada, the USA (including Alaska), South America, Egypt & Jordan, India & Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Britain and Ireland – just to give you a sampling of where you can travel with Scenic.

amalfi-coast-2180537_1920 (1)

Scenic are also launching a fantastic new small ship product that will take luxury cruising to a new level with the Scenic Eclipse. This ship will cruise the seas and oceans of the world visiting ports from the Amalfi Coast to Antarctica, and will be a new type of experience for your Expedition Cruisers!

Many will know Scenic from their wonderfully all inclusive Danube and European River Cruises, or perhaps their Rocky Mountain and Inside Passage Programmes, but whether you are familiar with Scenic, or just starting to think about something a little more luxurious, My Travel Expert recommends you drop by and see them at My Travel Festival

If you have been considering attending My Travel Festival then don’t hesitate, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE, we will get an entry ticket straight out to you and a reminder the day before the event happens so you don’t forget it is occurring!

If you have any questions or queries about Scenic, My Travel Festival or any of the Exhibitors please call us on (02) 4421 5577


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